July 11, 2011

The Cockermouth Film Club

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Martin Sullivan has taken to the Cinema in his medically induced dotage.

When I first went contracting, all those years ago, in the last century, I did so in Luxembourg. Luxembourg is tiny, it’s about the size of good Shire county town, a Chester or a Carlisle. But it’s full of people like me, and Cinemas. At the time it had eight multi-screen jobs showing a variety of stuff. I commented on this fact to one of my new colleges. He said, “You’ll wonder, for the first month, why so many Cinemas?”, I nodded my agreement. “Then for the second month, you’ll understand, and then by the third month you’ll be rationing yourself”. And he was right.

Cinema has therefore been as much of the ‘Road’ as crappy hotels near railway stations; Ginstler pies in petrol stations and staring blankly at departure boards in airports. It’s kept me out of the pub, to a certain extent, and every now and again I’d see something good. I also saw an awful lot of grot, but that’s beside the point.

These days, in my mountain fastness, I find myself with an excellent art-house cinema just down the road. Run by volunteers, for the most part, in the local arts centre, we show Independent Cinema to a largely appreciative audience. You’ll note the ‘we’, for I’m one of the fore-mentioned volunteers, being a projectionist and some-time bar-steward.

Film Poster

The Cockermouth Film Club

Lately our Monday night efforts have been augmented by the Cockermouth Film Club, convening on Wednesdays. Exploiting some new kit in the form of a digital projector, I and Toby Gaffney, well mostly Toby, have organized this club to show ‘classics’. As I write this we’re at the end of the season two and I’ve taken on the rĂ´le of something of Internet guru, which seems to mean writing postings on Facebook; Twitter and the Film Club’s very own web-site. While it’s easy to write stuff, and I’ve had plenty of practice over the years, this social web-site driving is relatively new to me. I know it says “Computer Programming” on my CV, but being an expert in distributed asynchronous heterogeneous databases does seem to leave you lacking in the what button to press on Facebook department. Anyway, onward and downward, I need to learn about these things, hence this Blog.

So, as the Blog becomes increasingly a hodge-podge of diverse, manifold stuff, there’ll be room for the Cockermouth Film Club too. Look forward to the odd posting.

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