December 15, 2011

It’s a Wonderful Life

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I help with the Cockermouth Film Club. I don’t usually comment about this here, but I was so moved this week.

[Picture: Movie Poster]

A proper excuse for a movie poster. Merry Christmas George

We showed “It’s a Wonderful Life“. Inside, and after I’d cashed-up, I enjoyed the film, in-spite of all its insipid cheesiness. George Baily is shown what it would be like without him. His town turns into Potterville, a town not unlike his own, but with considerably more and better nightlife and a curiously hot librarian. But everything comes good in the end and lots of friends new and old show up unexpectedly. A bit like our audience, which was about ten times bigger than we normally have. At the end the film was applauded; something that I’d never seen before. I felt moved to give a little thank-you speech. And everybody was happy.

Elsewhere, I’m attempting to get the original web-address for the Film Club back and up on the Internet. I’ve a small ‘brochure’ site ready to roll. I just need the Domain to point to one of the servers here, in Stag House. It’s proving harder than expected.

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