October 15, 2011

Steve Jobs and I

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The late Steve Jobs and I never met, and I doubt very much he’d have heard of me before he passed on. I, like much of the planet, knew who he was, though and I morn his passing. But perhaps not in the way most other people do. He and I shared a vaguely similar medical diagnosis, so when asked, I used to compare myself with him. Less so now.


September 14, 2011

National Twitter Feed Back, Sort-of

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After the West Cumbria pilot was up and working, and indeed, attracting some positive feedback, I thought about a national version. In this respect I was following a path I’d been down with other parts of the Jobcentre Plus Database Mirror system. It proved rather harder to execute than I na├»vely first thought, though. To do it on an office-by-office basis would demand I build and maintain automatically 800 or so Twitter Accounts, a no-no as far as Twitter is concerned. The second idea I had was that I’d dump a large sub-section of the new postings in a single account, all Geolocated and hash-tagged up, so that folk could search this stream. Unfortunately, that ran into poorly documented rate limits imposed automatically by Twitter.

And so the proper ‘National’ Twitter stream remains a pipe-dream for now. Or until I come up with some other bright idea.

What to do with the account, though? Well, I thought that I might use it to provide a stream of high-value skill-based vacancies, where geography is less important than your normal Jobcentre Plus posting. Such things do regularly appear, and I was always tempted to dismiss them as employment legislation box-ticking exercises. But why not. As I started as a Biochemist I thought I’d use this in my experiment. As a result the National feed is now exclusively of vacancies that have been categorised as having ‘SOC’ code 2112: “Biological scientists and biochemists”.

You can follow @JCPM_National, if you’re a Biologist, you never know your luck. And then again, if you’ve been on a Statistics course, maybe you do.



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