January 11, 2012

Blocking Twittering Jobcentres

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Jobcentre Plus is a UK government inspired set of offices where job vacancies are advertised and the unemployed may access services both to claim benefits and aid their return to gainful employment. Lately, and without any central direction, individual offices have taken to Twitter, the mico-blogging system.

[Picture: Movie poster "Block Heads"

Dick und Doof

I’ve been curating, that’s Twitter’s term, a list of these ‘official’ twittering offices and keep the result on the @JCPM_FeedbackTwitter account. I’ve two lists for this, for the first one is now full and hit a Twitter imposed limit of approximately 500 members:

  • JCP-bis, the new secondary list.
  • JCP, the original now full list.

There are a small number of them, though, who’ve taken to Blocking me. Blocking is a Twitter function to disallow users from ‘following’ you, if you feel they’re objectionable. It has the side-effect of meaning that you can’t put them in a list, and if they’re already there, they are silently dropped. The blocking offices have not told me what offence I’ve occasioned, there’s no explanation and I usually find out by accident. I benevolently feel that some of this may be an accident itself, or a side effect of trying to reduce the amount of spammish communications that you have to endure when you are Twitter-active.

I do however, feel that it’s necessary to maintain a list of them for completeness, and since I can’t do it on Twitter, here will have to do. I’ll try and keep this as an adjunct to the main list and announce the newly blocking on @JCPM_Feedback.

Protected Too

Some accounts are now either appearing as ‘Protected’ where you must request an invitation to ‘follow’ and list them. Their Tweets are protected too, so unless you follow them, you cannot see their wisdom and wit. It seems rather more draconian than blocking the odd Oddball like me, and a little counter intuitive in what is essentially an adversing medium. The effect is the same, though, and I can’t list them on Twitter. So like their blocking cousins they appear here too.

Unlistable Twitter Accounts

If you’ve updates, let me know.

Last updated 2012-10-20

You can read about my curating efforts on this Blog using the tag ‘CustosAliquamIndex‘; the pages on the Jobcentre Plus Database Mirror and the Twitter experiments have further information too.

The DWP also maintain a list of variable accuracy as a PDF too.


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  4. http://www.dwp.gov.uk/docs/dwp-twitter-accounts.pdf

    Comment by Pete — May 2, 2012 @ 2:19 pm

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