June 6, 2011

About ZOIS

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Thank you for your curiosity, it’s a value that is always highly valued. ZOIS itself is a small consultancy specialising in large UNIX and Java based On-Line Transaction Processing systems. We would encourage you to read the papers on the ZOIS public web-site. They give more detailed information on what we do.

Lately, ZOIS branched out into a secondary vehicle for the exploration of Government funded Public Employment web-sites. Indignation and the occasional bit of positive feedback resulted in a not-unappreciated ‘better’ version of an official UK one. This has since been shutdown and replaced by a simpler Archive, which can be used for data-mining. The majority of posts in the Blog relate to this work, and a bit of whimsy provoked by it.

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Employee of the Month

ZOIS Limited is registered in England, Number 2197775. The registered office is 14a, Main St, Cockermouth, CA13 9LQ.

The Blog is largely been written by Martin Sullivan. He’s a some-time computer programmer, living in the quaintly named town of Cockermouth in north-west England. You can send feedback on this site to him personally via e-mail, or by leaving a comment.

Pro-Bono Plug

Martin is currently on a health sabbatical, but is interested in the odd bit of pro-bono work by the way of therapeutic recovery. So, if you’ve anything that he can tackle on a non-commercial basis from his base in Cockermouth please let him know. Unsurprisingly, he’s particularly interest in biology, again, and the application of computing to it.

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