March 28, 2011

A Cockermouth RSS Example

Filed under: Jobcentre Plus Database Mirror — Martin Sullivan @ 9:00 am
Web-browser capture

What the example looks like

We’ve been looking at our logs and noted how many of you are using Real Simple Syndication (RSS) to access the Jobcentre Plus Mirror database. So, we’ve done a little work on this ensuring that the ‘description’ field contains a little bit of description, for example. Also as an example we’ve put some PHP together to show how an RSS feed may be used in a ‘local’ page. Initially this was fewer than 20 lines of code, but it’s grown as a Javascript asynchronous mechanism was added and then a non-Javascript element that did a similar job.  A Technical Note has been written, but  you can also read the in-page explanation of the example.

An earlier version of this post originally appeared on the Site News part of the main ZOIS web-site.

March 8, 2011

RSS Feed on the New Search Interface

Filed under: Jobcentre Plus Database Mirror — Martin Sullivan @ 9:04 am

As you can read, we’ve a newish search interface that allows you to enter queries like “plumber in Carlisle” and it will have a stab at truly finding Plumber jobs in Carlisle. Somewhat belatedly we’ve added an RSS feed for this. It means that you can effectively have this query run in background for you, on a frequent, automatic basis, and it’ll update your favourite RSS/News reader with the vacancies you’re interested in. From there you can generally explore the details with a more conventional web-browser. Our favourite, by the way, is Stefan Handshake’s Sparse RSS on our fancy little Android ‘phone.

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