February 22, 2011

Yet More Style

Filed under: Lab Book — Martin Sullivan @ 9:00 am

I’ve been experimenting with Casscading Style Sheets (CSS) again. I used to be meticulous in keeping a Lab Book and I’d add little notes in the margin, in blue, to contrast with the normal black. Vanity says I was quite famous for them. I’ve therefore been doing a little work on this, to produce something similar on pages in this web site, and the results should be visible in your browser now.

This idea of a margin-note is not unique, indeed HTML 5 has a new tag, <aside>, which seems to be designed for this task. In the interests of back-compatibility, however, I’ve built this on <blockquote> on the main site. But this Blog uses <aside>. Of course you can examine the source code for this page, but if you mail me and we can discuss the philosophy, technical tips and whatever.

There’s more on style elsewhere in the Blog. This post originally appeared on the Site News part of the main ZOIS web-site.

February 2, 2011

Problems in Providing ‘Original’ Data

Filed under: Jobcentre Plus Database Mirror — Martin Sullivan @ 9:00 am

All part of the service, we provide a little function to get you to the original Jobseekers Direct posting. It’s not as easy as it sounds and sometimes it goes a little hay wire. But it’s fixed now. (more…)

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