May 16, 2006

Encina News on OLTP News

Filed under: On-line Transaction Processing — Martin Sullivan @ 9:00 am

I wrote to inform our readers that things haven’t completely stalled on the OLTP News front. The most amusing thing that happened in 2006 would be that web-link formally known as http://www.transarc.com is now serving ‘adult’ advertisements. It would appear that IBM are no longer interested in this URL and it’s been bagged by a another, “Moniker Privacy Services”. Transarc was the company that brought us Encina and several DCE ports. It had been bought out by IBM. Elsewhere both IBM and BEA have released new major releases of TXSeries (v6) and Tuxedo (v9), BEA’s offering looks pretty much as they did at v8, and so does IBM’s at the user level. IBM do appear to have done a large amount of internal work on v6 to allow the removal of the Encina Toolkit and DCE. Our spin on this is that TXSeries CICS is being prepared for the full withdrawl of Encina and DCE Real Soon Now.

A modified version of this was originally posted in the OLTP News section of the main ZOIS web-site. The corollary is that IBM did eventually withdraw Encina, but components lived on in TX Series CICS and Websphere, where the original ‘C’ code was translated into Java.

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